Jul 19, 2008

New Tomica Finds - 19-07-2008

#4: Honda VFR Police Bike

Jul 18, 2008

Collection: Hot Wheels Team - 2007 Taxi Rods Series

This is the first Hot Wheels Team collection I've finished after seeking around 1,5 months all over my city.

First of Team: Cockney Cab II
(Mtflk. Gold, w/Black, White, & Gold tampos w/'TAXI' & flames on sides, Black Malaysia Base, w/5SP's)

Second of Team: 55 Chevy
(Yellow, w/Black, Red, & White tampos w/'Taxi', '502', & racing deco on sides, Chrome Thailand Base, w/5SP's)

Third of Team: '70 Plymouth Road Runner
(Mtflk. Black, w/Yellow, Silver, & Black tampos w/Grey 'TAXI' on sides, Chrome Malaysia Base, w/5SP's)

Fourth of Team: 1964 Chevy Impala
(Mtflk. Yellow, w/White & Black Checkerboard w/'Taxi' on sides, Clear Windows, Gold Chrome Malaysia Base, w/GoldWSP's)

Toy Cars Story - Part I

I came to Hot Wheels in an event which hold by Hot Wheels' distributor in Vietnam on 27/04/2008. It is the day of our love's anniversary. Hot Wheels take my impression at the first sight. In the event, there are many place for racing, showing and sales. I'm totally "died" with Hot Wheels and Hot Wheels step in to my life naturally as my love did.

Here are some my first Hot Wheels:

2008 Web Trading Cars #12: Pikes Peak Celica
(Red, w/White Stripes on top w/Yellow 'Hot Wheels' on roof, Black & Yellow '23' on hood, Black Malaysia Base, w/WSP's)

2008 New Models #8: Corvette Grand Sport
(Red, w/White & Black tampos w/White Stripe across top, '2' on hood & trunk, '2' & racing deco on sides , Chrome Malaysia Base, w/PR5's)

2008 All Stars #41: CUL8R
(Mtflk. Gold, w/Black Stripes w/Gold 'CUL8R' on sides, Black Malaysia Base, w/OH5SP's)

2008 Team: Engine Revealers #02: Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
(Dk. Green, w/White Stripe across top, White star on sides, Unpainted Malaysia Base, w/3SP's)

Jul 15, 2008

New Hot Wheels finds - 15/07/2008

Today, I've just received five Hot Wheels cars from my friends in Australia, they are all Ferrari. Very happy...

Jul 14, 2008

New Tomica Finds - 14/07/2008

#114 JSFD Light Armoured Vehicle

#25 Mitsuoka Le-seyde

#98 Toyota Celica Racing Type

#40 Mitsuoka Viewt

#108 Toyota Prius

#15 (Old) Daihatsu Copen

#16 Suzuki Swift Sport Rally

#50 Nissan Fairlady Racing Type

#87 Lamborghini Murcielago