Aug 8, 2008

Tomica D1 Grand Prix Series

From my Malaysian blog friend, Mr. Yeo, I have known about the Tomica D1 Grand Prix Series. This is such "most wanted" cars that most of the Tomica collectors want to grab for their collection. Luckily, this series has still available in Vietnam though that it is difficult to find in perfect mint condition. Until now, there are only 03 model of this series availably in Vietnam market (before I did exchange with my blog friends): AE86 (6 sets), FD3S (1 set only) and FC3S (3 sets).
These are some picture about D1 Grand Prix Series below:



094-5 MAZDA RX-7


094-5 MAZDA RX-7


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Aug 6, 2008

Collection - Hot Wheels Team: Exotics

This is the second Hot Wheels team of mine: The Exotics Team. I finished this team one month ago after seeking all Hot Wheels shop around my city. Now, I very happy with my score. Let's enjoy!

Lotus Esprit - 02 by you.

2008 Team: Exotics - Lotus Esprit (Pearl Dk. Yellow, w/Lotus logo on front, Black Malaysia Base, w/PR5's)

Enzo Ferrari Blue - 03 by you.

2008 Team: Exotics - Enzo Ferrari (Dk. Blue, w/Ferriari logo on front & sides, Black Malaysia Base, w/PR5's)

Porsche Carrera GT Black - 02 by you.

2008 Team: Exotics - Porsche Carrera GT (Black, w/Porsche logo on front, Black Malaysia Base, w/PR5's)

Zotic White - 03 by you.

2008 Team: Exotics - Zotic (Pearl White, w/Gold HW logo on front, Gold 'ZOTIC' on trunk, Mtflk. Black Thailand Base, w/BlackPR5's)

Hot Wheels Guide - Type of Wheels

The most advantage of 1:64 Hot Wheels is their types of wheel (as like their brand name). From the beginning in 1968 to now, Hot Wheels have many type of wheels for their products. Most of them made the collectors get crazy like Redline Wheels, Offroad real rider wheels, Screaming wheels... etc.. Now, I want to introduce some wheels that Hot Wheels made. Let's enjoy.

The table has been sorted from left to right (Picture, Type, Description, Years used)

Aug 4, 2008

Offline - Hochiminh Diecast Club

Yesterday, I've joined the first Offline of Hochiminh Diecast Club, was held on the shop of I was the latest comer because of heavy rain. But lucky me, I still enjoy some diecast from other memebers. They are so incredible. Most of them are in 1:18 scale, some in 1:32 scale, much detailed and very attractive. I had a change to open my mind and wish that I have a 1:18 diecast.

Be sure that, I will join more and more Offline party to enjoy my favors.

Every people is listening carefully the description about the 1:18 Cadillac 1959, told by Mr. Anh. And this is my gift after the lucky draw. Is it nice?

MV Agusta 4 cycle - 500cc Champion in 1973 with rider P. Read

Aug 3, 2008

New Hot Wheels and Tomica Finds - 02-08-08

2007 All Stars: Nissan Z
(Mtflk. Silver, w/Grey & White tampos w/'Top Secret' on sides & hood, Chrome Thailand Base, w/PR5's)

#91: Porsche Boxter