Aug 16, 2008

New Hot Wheels Finds - 16/08/08

2007 New Models: TV Batmobile - 66 Batmobile
(Black, w/Red Pinstripes on sides, White & Red Batman logo on sides, Black Malaysia Base, w/5SP's)

Exchanged Tomica - Toyota 7

This is the Car Magazine - Toyota 7. From the beginning, I cannot image what it is but after receiving it from my Malaysian friends, I cannot take out my eyes from it. Toyota 7 has been released by Toyota in 1970 with a turbocharged, 5-liter engine in 1970 for the Japan Grand Prix.

He is in the box.

He is Toyota 7.

Toyota - a big name in automobile industrial.

His 5-liter turbo engine.

The curve of speed.

Aug 15, 2008

Tomica Has Come from Malaysia!

This morning, I've just got the Tomicas from my Malaysian friends. This is our 2nd exchange and it seem to be the good way to hunt what I need. Though that we just deal through e-mail but I think because we are really the "TRUE" collectors so we have enough belief each others to do exchange.
All of you made my day become "Boxing Day".

Tomica Hummer H2, Motomax Humvee
Limited Tomica Toyota 7, Limited Tomica Mitsuoka Orochi
Limited Tomica Mini, Limited Tomica Lexus GS430

Hot Wheels 2008 T-Hunt Dodge Viper

Tomica Toyota Land Cruiser

Aug 14, 2008

New Tomica Finds - 14/08/2008

#103: Pikachu Car

Close-up: She smiles with you...!!!!

Aug 13, 2008

Video: Tomica And Children

Just found this clip from It is very meaningful with most of Tomica collectors. Let's enjoy!

Aug 12, 2008

Mini Cars - 1:72

I grabbed these X-car cars in a stock clearance event. The most surprising with me that these cars are detailed than I imaged before opened it even that they are very tiny (1:72 scale): sharp painting, rubber tires, detail interior... They made me very interesting. But as the store keepers words, these cars will be stop selling in Vietnam markets because of low profit. What a pity!

Lotus Elise

VW Beetle Convertible

Aug 11, 2008

Collection - Hot Wheels Team: Custom Bikes

This is the third team of Hot Wheels I finished 2 weeks ago. I'm a motorcycle maniac so I cannot stand out this Team when I knew about Hot Wheels. A little unhappy that, Hot Wheels don't focus on motorcycle. By the way, this Team make me a little proud of with another collectors in Vietnam. Let's enjoy!

2008 Team: Custom Bikes - Pit Cruiser
(Mtflk. Red, w/Yellow, White, & Orange flames on sides, Unpainted Malaysia Base, w/MC3's)

2008 Team: Custom Bikes - Airy 8
(Mtflk. Purple, w/Orange & Silver flames on sides, Chrome Malaysia Plastic Base, w/MC5's)

2008 Team: Custom Bikes - Scorchin' Scooter
(Mtflk. Blue, w/White, Pink, & Yellow flames on sides, Unpainted no country Base, w/WhiteMC3's)

2008 Team: Custom Bikes - Hammer Sled
(Mtflk. Teal, w/Lt. Yellow & Black tampos on sides, Unpainted Malaysia Base, w/MC3's)

Close-up: Look like 4 bros in "Wild Hog" movie

Aug 10, 2008

New Tomica Finds - 10/08/2008

#18 Jeep Wrangler

A Chrysler license product

Close - up: Jeep - always be a "big name"