Sep 13, 2008

My Project - Car Park - Concept Stage

I've collected diecast around 5 months ago. Until now, I don't have any show case for my collection. I've plan to build my own Car Park diorama. I can use that Car Park as a show case for my collection.

The most important thing that I still confuse about how to build a Car Park like a Diorama not like a diecast shelf because my art skill is not good :(

With around 200 cars, how big is the Car Park? What material should I need? Should I need some built Tomica Town for more attractive? Many many questions come to me...

There are some Tomica Diorama from Internet I've just found out:

Sep 12, 2008

Hobby Exhibition - Ha Noi Diecast Club - 12/09/08 to 13/09/08 (will be updated more...)

The Hobby Exhibition of has been held from 12/09 to 13/09 in Hanoi City. There are many divisions attend the exhibition such as: RC Team, Heli Team, Diecast Team, etc... As usual, I just focus on the Diecast Team, was presented by Hanoi Diecast Club. There are some pictures about them:

Pictures have added at 12/09/08 - 9PM

Pictures have added at 12/09/08 - 4PM

Pictures have added at 12/09/08 - 11AM

Preparing show case...
There are a lot of cars from all scales and all brands.
Some pictures of Diecast area before grand opening