Oct 25, 2008

New Finds - AA 1/18 - Chevrolete Marko Shark 1961

This model is a gift of my girlfriend for our anniversary. This is a concept car was designed by Marko in 1961, a Chevy guy. It looks like a White Shark with a deep blue back and white belly.

Oct 24, 2008

Exchanged - Maisto 1/64 - CustomSop - VW Beetle Cabriolet

I received this after long 15 days waiting and I'm really surprised about its quality. Let's take a tour now.


Another overview

Front wheels

Rear wheels

Its interior

Thanks Elgee

Exchanged - Jada 1/64 - VW Samba Bus

This is my first VW Samba bus, a product of Jada. From this bus, I can see a classic beauty that VW has created before. What a pity, most of VWs now are too bad.

His face

Customized rims.. look stronger

From above with ski

Oct 22, 2008

Big Sale Off

Because of recession, now I want to sale out some models in my garage.

First is 1965 Dodge A-100 Truck, new tires replaced, good interior.

Second is 1963 VW Pick Up. 80% condition, well engine, good interior and especially air-con built-in.

If you buy 02 cars once, I will re-paint them as your request free of charge and add more a 1959 VW Bugs as promotion, of course it is only 90% good condition but has high valuable.

Come on... come on... with only US3,000, you will have 03 cars as your dream.

First come first serve!

Special Thanks to Elgee and Artt for helping me in this entry

Oct 20, 2008