Nov 29, 2008

New Finds - Italeri 1/22 - Motorcycle

Besides the car models, I also love the motorcycle and here is my small motorcycle collection until now. All are Italeri in 1/22 scale.

Nov 28, 2008

New Tomica Finds - Toyota Megacruiser Patrol Car

New Tomica Finds - Mitsubishi Pajero Patrol Vehicle

Nov 27, 2008

New Finds - Hot Wheels 1/18 - Ferrari 250 LM

I won this Ferrari in a auction in my Diecast club. All the money will be used for charity. This is my 4th 1/18 scale diecast and luckily, it is a Ferrari - Ferrari 250LM of Hot Wheels.

Let's enjoy.


Its front

Open all doors and back bonnet

And here is its engine

Nov 26, 2008

New Tomica Acquisition - LT Toyota Mark II-L Hardtop

I really don't know this model until I did acquisition :P

Toyota Mark II-L Hardtop

Nov 24, 2008

New Tomica Acquisition - LT Nissan Gloria Hardtop 2000GX

Have you ever seen this color? Very pure. I love it.

Mazda Gloria Hardtop 2000GX - A beautiful name.

Nov 23, 2008

New Hot Wheels Finds - 22/11/2008

Ferrari Modena 360 - Ford GT40 - AMG Mercedes CLK DTM

New Tomica Acquisition - LT Toyota Corona 2000GT

Simple, this is a "modern-classic" car and I love it.

Toyota Corona 2000GT