Dec 4, 2008

Video - Joke with Subaru Impreza

Let the video talk!

Source: AutoPro

Dec 3, 2008

Video - Joke with FXX Evoluzione

Do you know FXX and do you know FXX Evoluzione? Let's take a look on this clip

Source: Streetfire

Dec 2, 2008

This model is 1/18 BMW X5 of Bburago. A member of Hochiminh Diecast club has tuned it with led light for front light, front bulb, back light and back bulb. Let's enjoy...

Dec 1, 2008

Video - Top Marquees Lamborghini

What is Lamborghini thinking about their cars?

Source: Discovery Channel - Turbo

Nov 30, 2008

Video - Nice Japanese Drift

For the one who love Japanese drift racing.

Source: Streetfire